Time for a WiFi check? We're glad to do it for you!

WiFi is a fantastic invention ... when it works. That is usually the case, but you will always find that the wireless internet fails, just when you need it most. You undoubtedly know the symptoms: very slow download speeds, images not loading, mails can't be sent or movies that keep buffering.

When your wireless network regularly faces such problems, it may be related to insufficient coverage, difficulty connecting, a growing number of devices that have an impact on the infrastructure, old versions of firmware running on the devices, defective security etc. These problems not only have a negative impact on your productivity, but often create resentment with you and your employees.

If you regularly have to cope with these problems, it's time to have your network checked by an expert. At PHI DATA, we perform a straightforward WIFI check for you. This means that on the one hand, we examine a number of aspects of the infrastructure. Specifically, we check the coverage, we pinpoint "holes" and measure the interference. We also do a safety check of the communication between the WiFi infrastructure and connected devices. On the other hand, we also check the other wireless devices. That means a roaming check, checking the firmware and used versions, and we look at the security set up. Also the general set-up for users is checked. And every time you get a report with recommendations.

Tired of a faltering WIFI or want to be sure that these problems will not occur? Contact us and we will take the necessary steps!

Published on:
05 December 2016


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