Hygiene products specialist SCA is renewing its trust in our LabelEasy formula

Our all-in-one labelling formula, LabelEasy, ensures an uninterupted service, supply and productivity for companies,  establishes a set price per label and covers the different steps in the printing process. In 2011, SCA Hygiene Products Stembert, a manufacturer of paper hygiene products, was the first Belgian company to opt for the LabelEasy formula. In the frame of its new project, SCA wants to secure its so-called "pallet" label application system and replace the control system for its two Print & Apply machines. The company's main aim is to ensure the traceability of its products.

We offered a practical and effective solution, that also provides the programming, the test phases, the maintenance of the equipment on site and the supply of the labels. For SCA, de supply was calculated on the basis of an average consumption. Our solution has three advanages for SCA: the continuity of operations and deliveries for the period of the contract, the formula is advantageous because it combines the different costs related to the printing of labels in an OPEX formula, and the contract offers a certain flexibility because it is established on an estimation of an average volume of labels per year. 

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