PHI DATA launches its own “Experience Centre”

Visitors are now welcome in the new “Experience Centre” at PHI DATA. In this experience centre in Wemmel they can now see in action the latest Auto-ID solutions that the company offers. These use, among other things, RTLS, RFID, Barcode and WIFI technology. With the establishment of the Experience Centre, PHI DATA wants to answer the many questions that surround the digital transformation of business and supply chain processes.

In the Experience Centre, professionals from the sector can see the possibilities of proven and new technologies. The centre consists of five areas: Auto-ID printing & scanning, supply chain solutions for warehousing & delivery, health & care solutions, retail shopping, as well as various indoor positioning solutions. Furthermore, the IDasset solution shows the benefits of accurate inventory and follow-up of assets.Experience Centre

All solutions are clearly and visually set up in one large space where - by appointment - visitors can see what solutions exist for their specific situation and needs, whether the visitor is currently active in retail, industry, healthcare or other sectors.

"For 35 years, we have specialized in Auto-ID solutions and have built up a lot of experience and knowledge," explains Guy Couder, General Manager of PHI DATA. "We want to share this expertise in a better and more tangible way with our clients and other contacts. We notice that people are inspired when they see the latest technologies in action. "

Every professional who has questions about Auto-ID solutions is welcome at the Experience Centre. They can either make an appointment, or participate in one of the events and workshops organized by PHI DATA. More information about this can be found here.


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