The cornerstone of our organisation, translated into 3 C’s

Every organisation is unique, and has a set of values it seeks to promote. At PHI DATA, we have consciously and resolutely adopted 3 core values. And whether it's just a coincidence or not, they all begin with a C: creativity, competence and continuity. But what exactly do these values stand for? And how are they translated into practice? Find out here.

Creativity: the only way to find ideal solutions

Knowledge equals power. That is why we know exactly what our customers need. Our analytical, consultative and objective approach enables us to analyse problems thoroughly, and to think along with our customers in the process. It is not until we have mapped out all of the customer's needs, that we start to look for the ideal solution. This could be ready-made, or it might be a customised package. Or even a combination of the two, containing the right mix of hardware and software.3 Cs

By looking for the ideal solutions in a creative way we are able to demonstrate outstanding ROI to our customers. A low total cost of ownership is the result of a clear long-term vision directed towards customer satisfaction. But this can only be achieved if we keep thinking outside the box and offering innovative solutions. Our creativity also manifests itself in our flexible financing options, such as leasing, renting, SaaS for our software and LabelEasy for our labels.

Competence: building knowledge and skills 

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to call upon. This is also visible on the work floor: highly-qualified talented individuals who receive continuous training. Our people continuously acquire new certifications, in order to expand their knowledge and keep up-to-date. In the past 35 years we have been active in Auto ID solutions for various markets, applications and environments. During that time we have built extensive knowledge and a professional partner network.

With every project, we strive to provide the highest possible quality. This is reflected in our product choices, as well as our methodology and services. To ensure unfaltering quality, we are strongly committed to professionalism, accessibility and flexibility. But also to cutting-edge ICT applications and adequate information security.

Continuity: our sights set on the long term

Our relationship with suppliers, employees and customers is a sustainable one. In our partnerships, we place great emphasis on shared values, shared quality standards and complementarity at all levels. We are convinced our employees are our greatest asset. Keeping them satisfied and motivated leads to an unequivocal win-win outcome. Happy employees make happy customers.

But more is needed. And that is why we adopt a relational approach with proven accountability and solid SLA’s. That is why our business remains independent, lean and at the forefront in the Benelux. This, in turn, enables us to continue to grow and generate profits. We also direct our focus onto the wider environment. Our sustainability is reflected in ethical, socially responsible and eco-friendly business practices that show respect for all stakeholders.

Published on:
09 August 2017

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