Transform or die - Why digital transformation is the only road to success…

By Guy Couder, General Manager PHI DATA


As a consumer, we are offered continuously improving services, extremely fast information or deliveries and utmost transparency when it comes to the companies offering those services. All of this has to do with the digital transformation. Visionary companies have been involved in it for years: the Internet, mobile technology, RFID, IoT sensors, cloud software, BI, etc. But for those who are still lagging behind today, it is high time to jump on! Those who do not make an effort to join the digital transformation today, and do not revise their business model and processes, do not stand a chance. In 2017 the guiding principle is transform or die.

Serious challenge

Digital transformationCompanies want to keep improving their profitability and competitiveness, and some also want to innovate. PHI DATA has been helping them achieve this, providing high-tech solutions, for 30 years now. In this sense, digital transformation is not a new concept. However, this evolution has recently accelerated as a result of the combination of new digital technologies and solutions, which are causing a real disruption in the business world. For instance, think about the fact that nowadays, with mobile and wireless technology, all transactions take place in real time. Furthermore, many products incorporate identification technology, which can be read fast and accurately, and lots of sensors... the Internet of Things. More than ever, increasing productivity, improving the customer experience and innovation are essential for a company to distinguish itself and to survive. This means: using the right technological solutions and revising or optimising business models and processes.

The possibilities are endless

Digital transformation does not only mean replacing pen and paper, but also replacing old systems with new, higher performance solutions that offer more possibilities. For instance, those who are still working in batches in warehouses only receive all information at the end of the day. Replace these with mobile solutions that exchange data in real time, combined with software capable of detecting errors. The result? A smaller error margin, a much faster and more efficient process, and ultimately a better service for the customer.

But much more is possible. As you receive information about things that might go wrong in a matter of seconds, you can react quickly. In addition, you can automate other aspects as well using the connected software. An example of this is real-time stock management, and all possibilities arising from this, such as omnichannel retail. All information gathered via BI tools provides valuable insights that will allow you to further optimise your business model. Because that common error or new opportunity will be detected quickl

Towards useful work

Loading bays where trucks unload their goods are good examples of the impact the current digital transformation can have. Untransformed companies have to use warehouse personnel to scan the incoming goods one by one. This takes time and hence reduces capacity for incoming/outgoing goods. In addition, this way of working involves a margin of error. Therefore, smart companies work with RFID scanners. All goods are scanned and entered into the database automatically and in real time. These companies save time and drastically reduce the margin of error. Moreover, the warehouse personnel can do more useful work. It is a win-win-win situation: companies become more efficient, employees do more useful work and customers are given a better service.

Start small, but be ambitious

Are you about to embark on the journey of digital transformation? Then seek expert guidance, and be sure to advance step by step. Because if you change everything at once, you will encounter resistance and problems. Review your processes and determine which technological solution could improve things. Start implementing it and build up experience. And always look ahead. PHI DATA has a range of standard solutions for numerous processes. We can fine-tune these according to your specific situation and changing needs.


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