PHI DATA assisted Lyreco with automation of stock management of office supplies at its customers

We assisted Lyreco, the market leader for office supplies and workplace solutions, with the development of a fully automated stock management system for its customers, called LCMS (Lyreco Cupboard Management System). With the new system, Lyreco replenishes customer's cupboards so they no longer have to worry about restocking office supplies. And PHI DATA has now automated this process. We developed an integrated system that includes a web interface and a mobile application, which also sends the information that was entered to the Lyreco server.

Productivity gains and error risk reduction

The new system is a significant improvement compared to the manual system, saving time and resulting in greater productivity for Lyreco employees.  It also reduces the risk of errors that are inherent to the manual system. Moreover, the application also includes an up-to-date version of the office supplies database.  Finally, the system generates a list of customers the driver must visit every day, depending on the frequency and the day on which office supplies are replenished. The new approach has had a considerable impact on the workload of Lyreco's customer service. Thanks to real-time data transmission, orders arrive on an ongoing basis, meaning the company no longer has to process a large number of orders at the same time. The labelling process has also been built into the system. As soon as a product is added to the Lyreco database, new labels are automatically suggested. Lyreco's service has become more reliable because of the process. On the reputation level, this new system has also contributed to modernising Lyreco's image.

Published on:
22 September 2017


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